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“Writing can be made simple if you have the right tools.”

Are you tired of getting stuck in writing your self-help / motivational book because you don’t know where to start? Do you need help writing the outline of your book? This Spreadsheet is an easy tool that I use to write my books faster. I used this to write my second book in 7 days!

This book is formatted for a 10-chapter book, helping you to break down your ideas into a book outline.

This Self Help Book Outline, is tested and proven to help people outline their book. You can put into action immediately even if you have no idea where to start or if you’ve been sitting on your idea for years. One of the users finished her book outline in 10 minutes!

Input the information into the empty spaces and questions area, and watch how your book outline is automatically created for you! Leave the writer’s block behind – it’s time to finish your book.



102 page book outline template strategically planned to complete a book in 30 days!


Fill in the blanks and write your book easily! This product was once an Excel Sheet template but is now converted into the ultimate book writing tool – with upgraded pages full of color and formulas to complete your book!

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