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Are You Ready To Finally Write & Publish Your Book This Year?

Tell Your Story.
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Story To Platform Summit

Overcome Procrastination

Learn what it takes to write your story - so you no longer have to push back your start date.

Make Your Book Engaging

Learn how to make your story engaging.

Finish Quickly

You will learn my "writer's hack" for outlining your book so you can finish your book in 30 to 90 days!

Inspire Others With Your Story

Make your story a story of hope for others.

Why You Should Join?

Are you an aspiring author or Entrepreneur with a story to tell the world, but finding it a challenge to write and format the book? Does Writer’s Block keep you stuck and frustrated with a position of procrastination to completing your goal? Are you looking to create a book to add to your collection of products and services? I’ve created this Writer’s Summit for you!
Let’s rise to the occasion and write that book! In this live online event, you will…
1. Learn what it takes to write your story
2. Learn a Writer’s hack to outline your book finish it within 30 to 90 days
3. Find out the method I used to keep my readers hooked
4. Discover how to turn a story of trauma into a triumphant hope

Looking for a bit more from your experience? Level up with a VIP Experience – which includes a one on one “Vivid Vision” Session, where I will dissect your story and show you how you can sell it while creating an impact in the lives of your readers.

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Event Speaker

My name is Veonne Anderson, I’m an Author, Publisher and Web Designer that specializes in helping people turn their story / experience into a catalyst of influence for their online presence. I am here to position you for greatness – and it begins with YOUR story. Get ready to launch your book in the next 90 days when you register for this event!

I've been doing this for years -
I make writing books, easy!

my clients have been featured in...

T'era Burton

T'era Burton is a mom-fluencer that has reached thousands of people with her message of self care and mental health awareness. Since publishing her book, she has been featured in Essence Magazine and various platforms sharing her story!

Asia Thomas

Asia Thomas wrote #IStillBelieve which tells her story of overcoming and her journey of faith. Her book inspires many. Since publishing her book, she has expanded her influence across the United States!

Clark Helm

Clark Helm, a military veteran and philosopher is officially a published author at the age of 80! He is the definition of "it's never too late"!

LaShaneika Franklin

LaShaneika Franklin wrote her first book with me and launched her non profit organization. Since then, she has published 2 books!

Your book can place you on major platforms, too! Purchase your ticket -
it's time to write your book!

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* Live Course Access

* Course Workbook, Book Outline Hack and Interior Book Template

* Access To Private Accountability Group

1 and 1 Coaching Session

(Ask questions privately)



* Live Course Access

* Course Workbook, Book Outline Hack and Book Interior Templates

* Access To Private Accountability Group

1 on 1 Coaching Session

(Ask questions privately)

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