Book Publishing Services

Who said publishing had to be a challenge?

You can overcome the headache of trying to publish your book yourself by working with Veonne’s


With 7 years of expertise, she will provide you with support, a roadmap to writing your book in 30 days or less and a complete, printed published book available on Amazon’s platform.


A Publishing Service That Provides Instant Credibility

Eliminate the obstacles of not knowing how to write or publish a book. Throw away the idea that no one will care about what you have to say.

With the Publishing Accelerator Program, Veonne and her team will work on your book from start to finish. Your book will bring you instant credibility in your field because our team will craft the ultimate package to brand your book –  helping you find your voice as a writer as well as providing you with the necessary marketing to make your message known. Publishing a book in your specialty field will provide you with speaking engagements and opportunities! Why? Because you instantly become an expert. A book sets you apart from the masses.


Feel as though you don’t have the time to write a book? Consider allowing Veonne to ghostwrite your book for you! This service starts with a down payment of $3,500.

Become A Branded Author

We Don't Just Stop At Publishing!

The Publishing Accelerator Program is designed to establlish you as a Branded Author. With Veonne’s program, you will have a press release designed to market yourself, social media graphics to advertise your book and an online system designed to automate your sales and establish your name as an Author.


  • Direct Access to your Publishing Consultant
  • Custom Book Press Release for your interviews and speaking engagements
  • Unlimited Book Size
    Contract includes 112 pages (up to 20,000 words). Nominal fee for additional pages or hardcover.
  • Vision Intake Process with Veonne, who will assist you with the book message, direction, work with you to develop organization and ‘find your voice‘.
  • Marketing direction for discovering your audience and guidance to marketing to them daily.
  • Professional Book Cover & Book Title Assistance
  • ​Interior Book Formatting with Professional Layout
  • Editing (optional)
    This includes: grammar, writing suggestions and spelling. Developmental editing is also available, if required (will be additional cost).
  • Professionally Created Marketing Material – Press Release, Business Cards, Author Book Signing Banner and Custom Branded Material
  • Online Landing Page and Client Base System
    – A one page website designed to promote your book with content, marketing information, and collect book sales. Our marketing mailing system makes it easy to  collect their contact information and begin the process of building a customer relationship, with the end goal to create new business opportunities.
    • Full Website is available with specific Package
  • Strategic One On One Coaching Session
  • Mentorship from Veonne’s Private Facebook Group
Do you have a Children's Book Idea?

In July 2021, we helped 2 Children's Book authors become Amazon Best Sellers! You can be next!

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