Case Studies



John Jose Fitness - Coaching Brand

My Client John Jose, is a fitness Coach that has a powerful story of sharing his story and knowledge to help his clients gain a healthy lifestyle. His story of serving in the military, working on his fitness and working at a gym, helped him to create his own platform for extreme increase in his income. For this project, I designed John's website, logo and brand to help him deliver his message and establish his online presence, so he can sell his course! Yes, his nutrition knowledge is PAYING OFF! John has been booking multiple clients since establishing his online presence! Your knowledge

Dr. Heather Henley - Coaching Brand

My Client Dr. Henley has been a Therapist for over 20 years and is known as the Master of Crisis Therapy. Being that she has a client base, it was important for her to be able to have appointments completed through her website. Her previous site was filled with various colors, however she wanted to have a website that had "a clean look", so I designed a majority white website with her main brand colors as the accent. She had new photos taken, I removed the background of the photos in order to have a customized look to the website and it came out amazing. It was also important for her to be able to link her designated page for Psychology Today and her affiliation with Marriage Bootcamp, so I connected those to the website footer of her site. Dr. Henley has her many books uploaded to her website and an event page for people to purchase tickets to her future events. The event page also allows for people to see what she has coming up on her new television show on Roku! She is now positioned for great heights as she launches her new online platform.

Stephanie Tramaine - Published Author

I found Stephanie Tramaine on Facebook and I saw how amazing she was at writing...I HAD TO get her to publish her story idea. She had the idea on her mind, but didn't have the resources to make it happen. We worked together, communicated regularly and made her publish work happen! She had a book signing and is now on to working on her second book!

T'era Burton - Coaching Student, Gone Viral!

T'era Burton is an amazing motivator and influencer for mothers and mental health. I've known her for a few years now, and I was honored to teach her how to design and publish her first book, Concealer And A Prayer Life Journal. After publishing her book, the sky was the limit for T'era. Since then, she has been featured in Ebony Magazine, a magazine in the U.K. and more! I am so happy for her and looking forward to more testimonies from her!

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