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Are you an aspiring speaker, thought leader, or changemaker yearning to share your ideas on the TEDx stage? Do you have a unique story to tell but don’t know how to craft it into a compelling talk? Are you eager to inspire others but nervous about public speaking? Veonne Anderson, a TEDx speaker, is here to help you overcome these obstacles and more!



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Craft Your Story

Learn how to discover, refine, and articulate your unique story in a way that captivates and resonates with your audience. Understand the structure of an impactful TEDx talk and how to weave your narrative into it effectively.

Getting Recognized by TEDx Organizers

Learn the insider strategies on how to pique the interest of TEDx organizers and significantly increase your chances of being selected to share your unique ideas on the TEDx stage.

Overcome Speaking Anxiety & Master Stage Presence

Learn how to use body language, vocal tonality, pacing, and pauses to enhance your message and engage your audience and address one of the most common hurdles for aspiring speakers: stage fright.

Discover Your TEDx Potential with

Veonne Anderson

Veonne Anderson, a TEDx speaker, visionary tech innovator, and accomplished author of 41 books, invites you to ignite your public speaking journey. Her talent lies in the art of storytelling, having captured the hearts of diverse audiences from educators to industry leaders, and from business owners to struggling students.

With her groundbreaking work recognized by prestigious platforms like NASA Space Apps Challenge, Forbes and even landing a tv slot on FOX News in her youth, Veonne is renowned for her ability to merge technology and storytelling into immersive, transformative experiences.

Embark on your TEDx journey with Veonne’s masterclass. With her wealth of experience and passion for empowering voices, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to captivate audiences and make a lasting impact on the TEDx stage. Don’t wait – register now to transform your ideas into a TEDx reality.

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