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Veonne Anderson, author of The Qualified Life and mother of one, is a creative force on a mission to make an impact by combining her education from Cornell University with her passion for technology and creative arts. Her bubbly personality makes every conversation an experience to remember. Veonne is often described as a Creative Genius when giving her Clients vision and a source of knowledge when it comes to “creating something, from nothing”.

She learned her skills from experiencing homelessness in 2014. As she lived in her family’s car, she would go to a local Starbucks and would use their internet to further her education on Book Publishing and Web Design from various resources online. After extensive research, she published her first book and began to sell her books to generate income and create platforms for speaking engagements to increase her visibility. Since then, Veonne has published 33 books and has made a break through into becoming a Leader for NASA’s Space Apps Challenge!

If there is someone that could show the world what it means to show up when telling their story, and finding the valuable lessons hidden within each story – Veonne Anderson is the perfect candidate to show you how. She has proved that everyone with a story can be a Leader if they are given the book, platform and Coaching system to start their legacy.

How will your story be told? Let’s find out.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Veonne over the past few years and I have been thoroughly impressed with her work! She is professional, timely and dedicated to her craft. I have worked with Veonne on my website, strategy and marketing. She has helped me take my business to the next level and I look forward to working on many more projects with her!"
Erica Rooks
E.R. Relationship coaching

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